Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Ooh, breadtoy, breadtoy!  I have to take it up from the floor and onto the bed, so that I can cover the sheets all with crumbs!

I will bat it and whack it and bite it and gnaw it and thwack it from here over to there!  I shall hit it with left paw, and hit it with right, and poke it under the blanket it and snag it right back!  I will jump at it, pounce on it, paw at it, look confused by it, snack on it a bit, and then leap away!

I will rip it to bits, and then chase them all around!  And then forget some bits completely, and leave them to be found later.

I will hook a bit in my paw, and go nonf-nonf-nonf with my mouth, predator teeth trying to chew.   I will claw up your foot, friend, when my battle comes too near, and I will swish my tail with the perplexity of it all.

I will back-hop and back-hop, great four-paw springs in the air.  And then I will get lazy for a while, and attack while reclining.

Now, between two paws, over my mouth, it is mine, finally earned to be mine.  Munch munch, hunch hunch.  It is mine, all mine....

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