Sunday, April 18, 2010

cows deride the pasta tenses, and recalcitrant pickle rhetoric

Life is a lot more fun if you see difference more as an opportunity than as an annoyance.

so, tell me why...

Saying we only need one language is like saying we only need one song.

a stack o' stuff

smallbits are tasty easy fun

after losing so many hours of years
to the deep low drone,
to the grey wet wool blanket
that sogs you sad
leaves you slow and cold
with the only flame burning
in the eating of your self
after all of that
all the more reason
to play.


it is a thing of strength and grace,
to never hide
any flaw
to own up to it
with a voice and heart fearless
because after that
like all of us
are still
so wonderful


no caps
because we don't need to privilege the ego
the i is a small little hope of humility
to skew away
from the high and the low
from saying this center, our center
is anything different
from the else
from all that we survey
and cry to touch
and cry to hold
and cry to be held by


no titles, not usually
because maybe it doesn't need a head
a name
to reduce it
though an evoker is nice
i like the amoebic
of it all


our kitchen talk
is far from the ibāḍī calm
but we too are kind people
like you
we just love a bit too much
to howl at the moon
and chirp at the sun
and natter through our naps

and still,

from time to time

find our own

berry-picking quiet.