Monday, August 23, 2010

how it plays out

push push push
push on through

till my hands can make
all this that i can hear

Monday, August 2, 2010

green flash

when all my thoughts are about dill
and summer cabbage
salt and
olive oil
heat in the light
eating outside
handmade bowls

come on the grass with me

blood of the sun in clots

I frickin' LOVE summer tomatoes. They are red hot warm wet crunch and smoosh and saw the flavor of sour over to sweet and back, they put a taste of meat in the back of your mouth, they moisten and glow and revive and they are only for the big fat NOW with their fleshy season time is short and sunny now grab this now grab this now grab this and get lost in this splorch walls breached seeds that can't be caught oh this will stain and remain and savor and savor and revel and revel and plunge soft crazy the smell is on my cheeks and so have more must have more