Monday, October 25, 2010


garbage-hunting goats


thorntrees full of littlebirds

because there isn't a rhythm to what this slowness means

here where the sun has bleached my hat but not my head
here where the sun has bleached my hat and speckled my arms

prosetry tastes better

Even in my technical formal academic writing, man, I'd rather write prosetry to try to evoke the meaning---not by fuzzy vague implicitnesses, but rather, by having more place for passion than prose permits, more place for passion and pause and prosody.

Perhaps I can, then.

Monday, August 23, 2010

how it plays out

push push push
push on through

till my hands can make
all this that i can hear

Monday, August 2, 2010

green flash

when all my thoughts are about dill
and summer cabbage
salt and
olive oil
heat in the light
eating outside
handmade bowls

come on the grass with me

blood of the sun in clots

I frickin' LOVE summer tomatoes. They are red hot warm wet crunch and smoosh and saw the flavor of sour over to sweet and back, they put a taste of meat in the back of your mouth, they moisten and glow and revive and they are only for the big fat NOW with their fleshy season time is short and sunny now grab this now grab this now grab this and get lost in this splorch walls breached seeds that can't be caught oh this will stain and remain and savor and savor and revel and revel and plunge soft crazy the smell is on my cheeks and so have more must have more

Sunday, April 18, 2010

cows deride the pasta tenses, and recalcitrant pickle rhetoric

Life is a lot more fun if you see difference more as an opportunity than as an annoyance.

so, tell me why...

Saying we only need one language is like saying we only need one song.

a stack o' stuff

smallbits are tasty easy fun

after losing so many hours of years
to the deep low drone,
to the grey wet wool blanket
that sogs you sad
leaves you slow and cold
with the only flame burning
in the eating of your self
after all of that
all the more reason
to play.


it is a thing of strength and grace,
to never hide
any flaw
to own up to it
with a voice and heart fearless
because after that
like all of us
are still
so wonderful


no caps
because we don't need to privilege the ego
the i is a small little hope of humility
to skew away
from the high and the low
from saying this center, our center
is anything different
from the else
from all that we survey
and cry to touch
and cry to hold
and cry to be held by


no titles, not usually
because maybe it doesn't need a head
a name
to reduce it
though an evoker is nice
i like the amoebic
of it all


our kitchen talk
is far from the ibāḍī calm
but we too are kind people
like you
we just love a bit too much
to howl at the moon
and chirp at the sun
and natter through our naps

and still,

from time to time

find our own

berry-picking quiet.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

a bucket of water

I hate waste. Always have. Everything seems useful to me, and throwing things away seems to be downright disrespectful to the luck that brought you each thing. And here in Oman, waste of water is on my mind every day. My professorial salary means I don't really have to worry about the cost of water, but every time I look out on that dry landscape, where acacias fight goats for survival, and only a few other tough plants and animals can make it in this aridity, I can't help but think of how hard it is to get good clean water. And all those people in the world, not just in the past, but in the present still, too much of the present, who struggle to get even a bucket of good water.

So here's one small idea. It'll seem picky and obsessive, but again, think of its cumulative effect. As you adjust the temperature of the shower, it's running and running. And so much water runs in even a second of shower flow. So plop a bucket underneath to catch this unused water. Works best if you have non-fixed showerhead on a flexible tube, but it can be wrangled in various ways. Then you have this bucket of water. Which you can use to flush a toilet once, or for all those times a kitchen spill, a mopping, a soaking, or some other situation requires a bit of utility water. It can sit around, it can be added to till it accumulates to a useful level. It won't breed bacteria and mosquitoes if you use it frequently enough: that's your call.

And it's a small thing, yes, but it's a remembrance, a daily remembrance, of what water is, to us all.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

where i come from

bitter humor, sweet sadness
and back again

all kinds of meta

So now a person can do a dance performance while wearing an iPad that's streaming a video of them doing the dance.

Well, I suppose it's not the first time digital technology let us get all recursive.

Here's to more wacky fun we can have with flat little portable holes for peering into the Internet. Yellow Submarine?